Patricio Esteban Briceno (36) is a visual arts graduate from Bergen University of Arts, where he finished his master in 2011. He works mostly abstract, but also figuratively with primitive expression. Patricio has his roots in Chile, but grew up in Kongsberg - where he and Alvilde met and became good friends. Today they run an art association (together with a ceramist, Kenneth Stordalen who has also attended Bergen University of Arts) where they create art and courses across the fields.
Patricio decorated the kitchen on her small farm. He called the motive "RIDERS ON THE STORM", inspired by the environment of a small farm, with horses and proximity to nature, where you can sense a rider in a wild challenging terrain. Now, "RIDERS ON THE STORM" has become the jewellery collection R.O.T.S. Alvilde has designed, shaped and made jewellery with designs for Patricio.
"SIDENSVANS" feathers are a further development of the R.O.T.S collection.