A.D-A is brave, talented and unstoppable – 31 year old. Alvilde David-Andersen from Oslo, Norway, knew from young age that she wanted to follow her family’s footsteps and become a goldsmith. She grew up with stories about goldsmiths and ancestors who experienced national and international recognition for their craftsmanship.

Today, the name David-Andersen is recognized within the industries of art and culture throughout the world. "My biggest dream was created after visiting my dad’s cousin’s workshop when I was a little girl. My family is very close and we share and enjoy the same interests. My father is particularly interested in silverware, such as cutlery and its designs, and the stories behind them. He shares his passion with me and encourages interesting discussions on a daily basis. I remember our trips visiting antique stores and auctions throughout the years. This has most definitely helped forming the foundation of my interests." A.D-A is educated at the Plus School, located in the fortified city of Fredrikstad, which is one of the best and highly recognized schools in the industry.

I start the goldsmith studies at Plus School in 2005, and continued to work at David-Andersen in Oslo full time during the studies and after graduation. Uni David-Andersen served as a wonderful mentor throughout this time.

«Jewelry designed by A. D-A is displayed and sold at the modern A. D-A store that she opened at Kongsberg in May 2009. This shop is considered one of the most innovative jewelry stores in the country.

The jewelry I have produced have opened many doors and led to fantastic opportunities such as attending art exhibitions, fashion shows, trips and collaboration with other companies in other fields.
After the launch of her own jewelry collection for the first time Once in 2010, she now sells jewelry to selected jewelry stores around the country.

"The best part of my creative work is to play with ideas from experiences that have affected me! "Being able to shape metal into something that brings joy to others as well as myself."